Fake Tan Lesson (Day 62)

Like an idiot tonight i learnt my fake tanning lesson. Good tip here, if you put on a fake tan that gets darker over time DO NOT put it on just before you go out. I was a nice colour when i left my house earlier, a few hours later down the pub someone asked if i’d been on holiday. I went to the loo to check my tannedness out (yea it’s a word, well one in my dictionary) i was brown but not too bad. By the end of the night dear god i looked like i was from another race. In fact right now i don’t feel caucasian at all. It’s one of those ones that develops and you wash it off in the morning, i thought i’d be ok! I’ve got a wedding reception tomorrow and before the fake tanning session earlier the sun could reflect off my skin, not such a good look, especially with bright red hair.

Anyway i’m pretty sleepy and have to meet an old friends baby for the first time tomorrow. I honestly don’t know how i’m going to cope. I’ve seen pictures on facebook and this baby looks like a grandad – and it’s a girl. I hope she’s wearing a dress else i’m going to slip up and call ‘it’ a him. I’m dreading this.

You know when you see babies? Some are adorable, some are just alright but you think they’ll get better looking as they get older? Well this baby is neither of those two. I have never said this about someone’s child before and i feel pretty mean but it reminds me of Humpty Dumpty from the Puss In Boots movie. I’m genuinely not joking (and no i didn’t put the picture of humpty dumpty next to a picture of this baby to prove it to my friend… I’m going to have to try my hardest not to offend anyone tomorrow.

Day 63 Update – Still not spoke to Mr. Player, he’ll be out of the picture for a while. Tonight down my local however, there was a new person! Oooh new person! When you live in a village this small a new person is like seeing that bit of pepper that somehow got on your chicken and mushroom pizza… They stick out like a sore thumb. Anyway i knew the guy who he was with and some of my friends knew him. His brother was in my year at school (through school i always thought his brother was pretty good looking). I said hi and spoke to them for a bit and carried on the evening in my own little world drinking my diet coke and singing McFly – Star Girl on kareoke. I can’t sing and i was sober, i well and truly have balls. One of my guy mates told me i’d pulled without even knowing, referring to this guy. This situation just makes me uncomfortable. Now if i know others know something like this i feel like it’s a setup and they will be willing me on and watching every move i make or listening to anything i say to this guy. So my best reaction at times like these is to not talk to said person. Sure i glance over and see if he’s looking my way (he was every time i looked, makes you feel good about yourself!) but i just can’t do it! I’f no one had said anything i may have spoke to this guy, exchanged numbers or something, but nope. Oppurtunity missed? Yes. Oh well i’ll learn to live another day! And possibly learn how to speak to men.

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