I Want To F**K Your Hair (Day 64)

Red Hair Ruins Lives. Well i may be over exaggerating a little (or a lot) but it certainly ruins everything it touches and causes problems you’d never think you’d have. The amount of times when staying at a hotel i have hidden pillows so i haven’t been charged for ruining hotel bedding is ridiculous. My hair likes to shed it’s redness in the night. And in the shower. And on my Gym towel, actually on any towel. And on my face.

Yes, i said on my face. If my hair is on the side of my face when sleeping (most nights) i wake up in the morning and the side of my face is stained a pinky red colour! Now you would think surely that’s easy to get off? Well it is, however if you’re me here comes the catch 22. When you scrub skin it goes red. When you scrub red/pink stain off your face your skin goes red – meaning i have no idea if i have got the stain from the side of my face! I walked around half of the day today with a pink forehead without realising. Very attractive!

And for the best fact of all – when i’m in the gym and i sweat, my sweat is red. Full on bright red. Now i’m starting to realise why i may not have a boyfriend…

Anyway even though i moan about it ruining practically everything, i love it! I like to remind people how i had red hair before Cheryl Cole did and started this whole trend! Obviously Cheryl just wanted to be me.
I’ve always liked to be a little different, not massive statement making different but wearing that something a little bit different that not everyone will own etc, and bright red is not your average hair colour. I know it’s massively more popular now but i’m the only red in the village!

Despite having had my hair like this for a while last weekend i got a fair few comments about it. These are two of my favourite/most awkward moments.
One guy introduced himself and then said,
‘I want to fuck your hair.’
Oh why thank you kind sir, you want to fuck my hair? What a lovely compliment. Not me though? No i’m really not having a dry spell or anything and you tell me you want to fuck my hair? Probably the only part of me that doesn’t have any feelings towards sex. Now that i would’ve loved to have said but the first thought in my head? ‘It would be sticky’ Then came my dumbstruck reply, it was along the lines of
‘ermmmmmmm thanks?’
He countinued to talk about fucking my hair. Just my hair.

The next guy told me for about 10 minutes how i should be called red riding hood and that i am Ariel from the little mermaid. He also explained very drunkenly/pretty sure drugged up that he’s seen people with red hair before but not pretty people and i am the first pretty girl with red hair that he had ever seen. He then proceeded to hug me, i was kept in this hug for about 2 minutes but it seemed like a lifetime, and not for good reasons. Whilst hugging me and may i add not letting go, he was repeating
‘I know your feeling really awkward aren’t you’.
Yes i am feeling awkward and giving my friends the ‘rescue me now or i will kill you with my death stare’ look.
They found it hilarious and didn’t rescue me.
Now i would be flattered by these comments, but coming from the druggie of the village? I’m not so sure!

These two men right here are prime examples of why i will not sleep with anyone in my village! Talking of sleeping with people I dread the day i may possibly actually get sex… For their sake i hope their bedding is dark.

Day 64 Update – Small update today. No further progress whatsoever. Still texting Mr. Player, we had a riveting conversation this morning about the alarm sounds we wake up to…

About redred100

From the UK with red hair that ruins everything it touches. No white pillow cases/towels please! Take a look at my daily musings: http://www.freemythoughts1.wordpress.com
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