At Least Take Your Ring Off. Idiot (Day 70)

(Day 70 – No progress what so ever, apart from swooning over Justin Timberlake on the BRIT Awards. Oh he’s still got it)

It seems like im surrounded by cheaters at the moment. I am so against cheating and so many people i know are doing it!

Even with my disgust at cheating i once kissed a married man. Now before you judge i didn’t know at the time, which isn’t an excuse, it makes me disgusted at myself and him for cheating on his wife! I hate that i was involved in this! I was at a club about half a year ago, got chatting to this guy, he bought me a few drinks and we headed to the dance floor to throw some mad shapes. One thing lead to another and we were kissing. Now miraculously i heard my friend shouting my name and pointing at her hand. Drunk and confused i headed over to her and asked what on earth was she playing at ruining my magical moment? What she said certainly made me realise my magical moment wasn’t so magical and made me hate myself! She told me to look at his left hand and the rings on it. The idiot of a man was married! And still had his wedding ring on! I feel so sorry for his wife who probably knows nothing. I don’t agree with cheating but if you’re going to cheat at least do it right and take off your wedding ring! What an absolute tool. Also if someone is chatting you up you don’t think to look at their fingers for rings. I have kept this in mind and now check. I didn’t go back to him and left the club drunkenly expressing my feelings in the following way:

‘What have i done? i hate cheaters! I’ve committed blasphemy!’
‘oh wait it’s not blasphemy is it? What’s the word?’
*Gets out phone and googles ‘what is it called when your married and cheat on someone?’*

Oh i love my drunkenness sometimes.

There was another time at about 3am after a night out. I was in a hotel lobby and started chatting to this guy, like i said before i chat to anyone, and when i’m drunk this confidence of stranger talking grows. By the way i was staying at the hotel with some friends as we were away for the weekend, i’m not a prostitute. Although that way i’d get sex, pft. Anyway i got chatting to this guy, our rooms were on the same floor so we ended up riding the lift up 8 floors together – no, that’s not a euphemism. He asked if i wanted to go back to his room, young free and single i said yeah why not. For some strange reason (which ruined his night) he asked if i had a boyfriend. My reply was obviously ‘no’ and i asked if he had a girlfriend. I was not expecting him to say yes. Immediately i turned in the opposite direction and left him yelling at me;
‘my girlfriend will never know, it’s a bit of fun’.
Oh my god. Really? You expect me to go back to your room when you have told me you have a girlfriend?

What is with these men? Why do i seem to attract them? I’ve thought about this on many occasions and decided it’s either my red hair or my boobs. I can’t decide which. I don’t have a sign above my head flashing saying ‘I HATE CHEATING BUT IF YOUR IN A RELATIONSHIP COME TALK TO ME’. So why?! It’s a question that will never be answered.

So… My cheating friends
One of my friends is getting married in 3 months time and at the moment is having a full blown affair with a guy from a band that she met 2 months ago. She’s still going ahead with the wedding yet saying the way she feels about this new guy she has never felt before! Why go ahead with it then?! It will either end in divorce or an affair for the rest of their married life.
– Another of my friends was recently in Mexico at her sisters wedding. The day before the wedding her sisters husband-to-be confessed his undying love for my her and will not leave her alone. This guy was making comments by the pool about how good she’d look naked, WOW. Predatory and obvious! I do not see this ending well.
– A close friend of mine recently lost his girlfriend to his best friend. His now ex mrs and ex best mate are engaged after 3 months of being together (god knows how long they’d been sleeping together before). His cure? Sleep with every girl going in the village.
– My best friend was seeing a guy, slept with him the Friday night, met another guy she decided she loved at a party on the Saturday night and slept with him that night. This was not a wise move as she later found out she had chlamydia and had to tell each of these guys! And as well as her ex who she spent a night with whilst he was cheating on his girlfriend.

IM SURROUNDED! I thought this stuff only happened in soaps. I lecture and lecture but people don’t listen. Although i’m kinda glad my friend got chlamydia as it taught her a lesson. Also whenever the mention of an STI comes up her face is a picture. It’s brilliant.

Todays Lesson: Don’t cheat. Especially if you have an STI.

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4 Responses to At Least Take Your Ring Off. Idiot (Day 70)

  1. rebecca2000 says:

    Sorry t hear you have so much of it around you.

  2. mssweetness says:

    No need to feel bad you didnt know before hand that he was married, that’s more his issue than yours. Ive been in situations where i’m talking to a handsome guy for a while and then it hits me that i should look down at his ring finger and BOOM there it is. Now if he’s been talking to me in a flirty tone, i walk away, but sometimes its just general conversation with no numbers exchanged. Being single isnt easy!

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