I Have 70 Days

Day 71 (Tomorrow is day 70, thats where my countdown really begins)

Today i thought about sex alot. Well the lack of sex i’m currently having. Or not having. I’m not quite sure which is the correct term. I previously said i will not go a year without sex, this is my new years resolution and by god i have never wanted to fulfil my new years resolution so much in my life! I worked out when i last actually had sex. The date and everything, 27th April 2012 and i could give you every little detail like it were yesterday, but i won’t – some things a girl needs to keep private!

With my aparant sadness of being able to remember the date it reminded me of those 2 glorious weeks on holiday where i met Johnny the Rep. As i’m going travelling and wasn’t going on holiday last year to save money my parents offered to take me on holiday with them for free. So like the cool 22 year old i was i went on holiday with my close to being retired parents (I’m sorry but no matter how old you are you will never turn down a free holiday!). Not exactly the same as the alcohol fuelled holidays with friends i’d had the previous years, I managed to get the balance just right – spend the day with the parents, go to the bar/club on site in the evenings. This is where i met Johnny. I can happily talk to a bunch of strangers but was struggling to find an english speaking person. Turns out the first person with an English accent i hear, i manage to bed. And yep, we were on a campsite in the south of Spain! You may find this funny but i tell you what, the reps there are bloody sex animals! It’s ridiculous! And as the campsite was empty as it was the beginning of the season there were many empty tents and ‘luxury mobile homes’ you could take your pick of and sneak into so you had a bed to do the dirty deed. I understand this is a bit gross in hindsight but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

Before those 2 weeks of full on evening pleasure i hadn’t had sex in 8 months. I seem to go through a stint of no sex for 7-8 months then have sex, go through another 7-8 months stint and so on. God knows why but seemingly out of practise there came a day at the end of the first week when i just couldn’t take having sex anymore, i had to have a break (a break that consisted of one day). Not skill wise out of practise but muscles wise! I would be going on bike rides during the day and being ridden like a bike in the evenings! It was a struggle to walk! My leg muscles just weren’t made for such a long dry spell then full on sex for 3 hours a night! Oh yes, i made sure if i was getting it i was taking full advantage. (I don’t mean anal by the way!)

Considering there has been a pattern with my sex life i was fully expecting to bed someone a few months ago, to my suprise (and disappointment) this didn’t happen. Utter RUBBISH! So today after counting the date i last fumbled around in a ‘Luxury Static Mobile Home’ i have given myself 70 days to bed someone… I’m not a slag/slut and i know i sound desperate but for my peace of mind i need to do this! All my guy friends are in relationships, i don’t do one night stands with guys i meet in town so i’m a bit stuck. It sounds hypocritical as i said i don’t do one night stands but i’ve found myself looking through the ‘casual encounters’ section on Craigslist. All would be fine and dandy as long as i don’t get murdered. I’ll see what happens with that, but i know the sex won’t just come to me (ha, ‘the sex!’)

I wonder if anyone ever found the sock i lost in one of the tents we sneaked in to… Maybe i should have left a note?

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2 Responses to I Have 70 Days

  1. mssweetness08 says:

    You are too much, but I totally understand your pain.

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