To ID, Or Not To ID? That Is The Question

A question that i wish the answer was TO NOT ID! I think someone in the heavens above just wanted to irritate me this evening. I don’t know what i’ve done wrong, i like to think i’m quite a good person. I drive just over the speed limit but not too fast, i like to recycle (mainly diet coke cans) and i go to church when there’s a marriage or christening, that’s at least once a year. Mind you i could list my bad habbits but they would vastly outweigh the good. We don’t want to get started on them! Or maybe i should in a blog entry soon? I could try and improve myself…. Or not.

Anyway, i’d had a nice evening playing netball, breaking a nail, not being able to shoot because the heat radiating from my forehead mixed with the freezing air steamed up my glasses causing temporary blindness (i got a few goals though after moaning that i need contacts and taking off my glasses). After netball i went to my local village shop. I won’t mention a brand but it rhymes with lo-op, if you figure that out i’ll a give you a brownie point. I got a can of diet coke and some wine after not finding anything i fancied for lunch this week. I walked to the counter and put my two items down. The young child behind the till, must be new as i didn’t recognise him, scans through my diet coke perfectly fine… And then the inevitable happens. He asks for my ID. Now i usually have my ID with me anywhere i go but tonight is the first night in a very long time i don’t have it on me. With shock/amusement i tell him i don’t have it and i’m 23, i get served here all the time without anyone asking. I then point to the lady working with him, who may i add has served me alcohol and seen my ID ON SEVERAL BLOODY OCCASIONS! I say in a slightly scared childlike voice, which probably doesn’t help my case ‘she’s served me, she knows’ this woman then approaches me and in the most monotone voice (which irritates me even more) says ‘no love we need ID’. ARE YOU ACTUALLY JOKING ME THIS IS RIDICULOUS! UNFAIR! A BREACH OF HUMAN RIGHTS! Ok so maybe i’ve gone a little too far with that.

After a few minutes of standing there amusingly pissed off and not being able to prove my 23 years of existence (i would have thought my boobs would of swayed the little 18 year old but obivously not) with irritation, i left. Just me and my can of diet coke.

My irritation isn’t the fact that i didn’t get my wine (i’m really not an alcoholic, honest) it’s the whole principle, she’s served me before without asking for my ID! This lady is now classed as ‘an upper class twat’ in my books. Yes congratulations love you have hit the big time! Next time if you serve me without asking for my ID i will be sure to kick up a fuss and wave my ID around like ‘an upper class twat!’

My life lessons learnt today? Take your ID everywhere. And get contacts.

Apologies for the rant. The swear words seem to fly out of my mouth when i’m irritated. Mainly the word twat.

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